The Business of Accountability Blog Audience Includes:

  • Sales Leaders seeking to develop people within a performance-based sales culture.
  • Sales Managers who need a system for managing sales performance for both financial and non-financial metrics.
  • People Managers who achieve their goals through the effort of others.
  • Senior Leaders whose success depends on executing their strategic business plan.

In other words, if you manage sales people, lead a team, or hold a position that requires you to achieve results through others, a performance accountability system can help and this blog is for you!

Performance Accountability vs Performance Management

Increasingly, Corporate America reports disappointing ROI’s from traditional performance management systems that are complex to implement, cumbersome to navigate, and frustrating to performers. The Business of Accountability Blog promotes a performance accountability system that benefits both managers and employees.

The old ways – annual reviews, forced rankings, outdated competencies – no longer achieve the intended results.

Jim Clifton, Chairman and CEO, Gallup, State of the American Workplace

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Leadership of large companies may be stuck with traditional performance systems due to the shear volume of data that needs to be collected, maintained, and accessed for assigning performance bonuses and rewards. However, according to Gallup, these same large companies are re-evaluating their systems and looking for simpler and more effective alternatives.

On the other hand, leaders and managers of family-owned, small, and medium sized companies should not be burdened with outdated complex performance systems. After all, why build a space shuttle when a bottle rocket will do?

The Business of Accountability provides a workplace performance accountability system that is simple to implement, effective for managers, and satisfying for employees. Our system provides leaders and managers with the knowledge, tools, and processes for improving performance, increasing productivity, engaging employees, and achieving results.

Business Strategy Execution and Accountability

Performance accountability is the foundation for executing strategy, managing performance, and measuring results. Improving accountability improves business strategy execution by:

  • Aligning goals and objectives
  • Setting quality standards
  • Communicating clear expectations
  • Removing obstacles that impede success
  • Producing high quality, high impact work products
  • Developing high performance teams

People, especially exemplary performers, thrive in an environment where expectations are high and people are held accountable for results. So, it makes sense to implement a performance accountability system that enables high performance teams. Organizations benefit from increased productivity, decreased turnover, and enhanced employee engagement when they develop a culture of accountability that benefits both employees and managers.

What is accountability?

Accountability and responsibility are often used synonymously, but I think of it like this. We have many responsibilities, but typically we are “held to account” for a few that have consequences attached. Consequences can be either positive (rewards) or negative (punishments).

ac•count•a•bil•i•ty ►
n. The state of being accountable or answerable; responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations; liability to account for conduct, the fact or condition of being accountable.

Accountability promotes trust, transparency, and innovation.

Mitzie Adams

Blog owner and author
On a mission to inspire leaders and managers to embrace accountability as a strategy for achieving their business goals.


Performance Specialist and accountability advocate with more than twenty years of experience working with companies from a wide variety of industries. I have fulfilled the roles of Sales Training Manager, Performance Manager, Learning and Development Specialist, Sales Trainer, and Teacher. I started The Business of Accountability™ blog in January, 2021 to help leaders and managers increase productivity by improving systems and processes that influence performance and impact business results.


M.A. in Education

Human Performance Improvement, ATD

Certified Professional Behavior Specialist, DISC

Instructional Design and Technology, UGA

Certified Facilitator-Strategic Selling and Conceptual Selling, Miller Heiman

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