Engaged Managers Have a Strategic Advantage

Engaged managers have a strategic advantage

The more engaged you become, the more likely you are to know when an unproductive pattern of behavior or poor performance begins - and why. This gives you, as the manager, a strategic advantage over your competition and peers.

Business Strategy Execution Depends on Accountability

Business Strategy Execution Depends on Accountability

Your business strategy is only as good as its execution plan. If your strategy contains critical components and many moving parts then it deserves an execution plan with rigor and discipline.

The High Cost of Low Accountability

Businesses should focus on accountability

The cost of neglecting accountability is high. Lack of Accountability results in disengaged employees, low productivity, low morale, and high turnover. Unfortunately, these are lagging indicators associated with managers who set vague or unclear expectations and fail to hold people accountable for results.

How Managers Can Solve Workplace Communication Problems

Managers' Role in Solving Workplace Communication Problems

Managers are the key to solving workplace communication problems. This article provides guidance for improving communication and performance.

From Teacher to Entrepreneur to Accountability Advocate

From Teacher to Entrepreneur to Accountability Advocate

My journey to becoming an Accountability Advocate. Many of you have experienced similar unintended consequences in the workplace but might not recognize them as the result of a lack of accountability.

Accountability That Drives Results

Accountability that Drives Results

Purpose, Action, and Results Managing a team of people toward a specific goal is much like being an entrepreneur starting a company. Both set goals and objectives, and both are accountable for bringing value to their companies, teams, and customers. As with entrepreneurs, managers can get caught up in the minutia and lose sight of … Continue reading Accountability That Drives Results

Accountability, Behavior Styles, and Billions?

Accountability, Behavior Styles, and Billions?

Successful managers appreciate the push and pull that is inevitable when all of the behavior styles are represented. A behaviorally diverse team is strong, healthy, and productive. Embrace the differences, set high expectations, and hold employees accountable for results.