How to Achieve Workplace Accountability-Step 3 of 4

For best results follow the steps as presented.

If you are a manager or leader who is following the How to Achieve Business Accountability steps, you now have measurable goals in place. You have identified the most important work products. And you have determined if supporting processes are efficient or require improvement. Now we turn our attention to Tasks. Here is a review of the system for reference:

Employees > Tasks > Processes > Work Products > Goals

The Business of Accountability System™

The key to success when implementing an improvement initiative is having an engaged leadership. Managers, your engagement is critical to the successful implementation of an accountability system. You will need to perform important tasks such as the following.

  • Prioritize – Now that you know what your top three to five work products are, prioritize employees’ tasks accordingly. Set priorities. Communicate expectations. Make sure employees use your priorities as decision criteria when faced with competing task requests. Eliminate non-essential and redundant tasks.
  • Coach – Seek out training resources for employees who are not yet proficient in performing the most important tasks. Provide coaching as needed. True leaders are genuinely interested in developing their people. Coaching provides many opportunities to recognize positive behaviors and provide constructive developmental feedback. Employees value one-on-one time with leaders they like and respect.
  • Monitor – Dedicate time to monitor the top work products for quality and the top tasks for proficiency. What a manager chooses to focus time and effort on sends an important message to the team. Your employees’ effort will be directly proportional to the time you spend monitoring.

Begin by focusing on the top one to three tasks and go from there. Develop a rhythm and schedule for coaching that fits your specific situation. Our accountability system provides a forward looking way of tracking progress toward goals. Managers who look only at year end results are, unfortunately, looking in the rear view mirror.

The Business of Accountability System™ is designed to help managers take a more strategic view of their business by focusing on things that matter most. A big picture approach allows managers to spend less time “fighting fires” and more time creating, inspiring, and coaching employees for success.

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