Accountability That Drives Results

Accountability that Drives Results

Purpose, Action, and Results Managing a team of people toward a specific goal is much like being an entrepreneur starting a company. Both set goals and objectives, and both are accountable for bringing value to their companies, teams, and customers. As with entrepreneurs, managers can get caught up in the minutia and lose sight of … Continue reading Accountability That Drives Results

Managers-Often the Missing Link in the Accountability Chain

Managers - Often the Missing Link in the Accountability Chain

The most important product of a manager's effort is a high performance team. If you achieve your goals through the effort of others, as most people managers do, then you have an obligation to hold yourself accountable for their development and hold employees accountable for results.

How to Achieve Workplace Accountability-Step 3 of 4

How to Achieve Workplace Accountability - Step 3 of 4

The Business of Accountability Systemâ„¢ provides leaders and managers with a process for identifying their most import business drivers and holding employees accountable for achieving results.